Buzzcocks show us “The Way”

Buzzcocks tour bus just pulling out of Chicagoland leaving behind a new single and news of the forthcoming release The Way

1 – Keep On Believing
2 – People Are Strange Machines
3 – The Way
4 – In The Back
5 – Virtually Real
6 – Third Dimension
7 – Out Of The Blue
8 – Chasing Rainbows / Modern Times
9 – It’s Not You
10 – Saving Yourself

The Way is the follow up to 2006’s Flat – Pack Philosophy LP and is the band’s ninth studio album since their formation in Manchester in 1976. These 10 tracks penned by the groups long standing core of Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle were recorded this year in London, and were produced by the band and Dave M Allen (best known for his production work with The Cure, Depeche Mode and Neneh Cherry). The album packs the same classic UK pop punk punch they’ve been known for for nearly four decades.   

 Listen to our first taste “It’s Not You”

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Daniel Lanois (what has the greatest ears been up to?)

Daniel Lanois is still raising that spirit of music and still opening up doors to the unknown.


The cover art to Flesh And Machine – the new album by gifted musician, renowned producer and ambient pioneer Daniel Lanois – contains a curious image: a baby with cybernetic antennae. The child represents Lanois himself. He explains: “The cover shows a boy who is looking for something that’s never been heard before. He’s my little seeker, he represents the bit of me that’s always in the laboratory experimenting, looking for new sounds and sensations.”

But the image is apt in another way. Flesh And Machine, his third album for ANTI–, represents nothing short of a total artistic rebirth. Lanois has been involved in playing, recording and producing music for four decades now. In that time he helped push the ambient genre forward into celestial new territory as Brian Eno’s foremost protégé; he has recorded landmark albums for U2 and Peter Gabriel and has helped to revitalize the sonic dimensions of Bob Dylan and Neil Young. But this marks the first time he has truly deployed every sonic weapon in his arsenal and attempted to break virgin ground in support of his own music.

Lanois has a refreshingly optimistic attitude toward his craft and the creative potential it still holds: “I’m always heading for the future and I’m always hoping I’m going to find the next dimension of sound. It’s my job to raise the spirit of sound. I’ve been able to do it a number of times in the past on other people’s records. Well, it’s still my job today to raise that spirit of sound and I’d like to think that I’ve done it on this record.”


13 – Nashville, Tennessee – City Winery – Venue

14 – Chicago, Illinois – Lincoln HallVenue

16 – Los Angeles, California – El Rey Theatre – Venue

17 – San Francisco, California – Great American Music Hall – Venue

19 – Washington, District of Columbia – The Hamilton – Venue

20 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – World Cafe Live – Venue

21 – Providence, Rhode Island – Columbus Theatre – Venue

22 – Boston, Massachusetts – Brighton Music Hall – Venue

Here is Daniel Lanois classic “Lotta Love To Give”


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Riot Festers Please Beware of Slayer Fans

Okay so the big Riot Fest & Carnival weekend is here. I have a problem with the short set times and really no after-shows of interest but you can’t deny the line up. This year’s line up easily blows away Lollapalooza. Please do your best to catch Paul Weller, Buzzcocks, The Cure, Cheap Trick, The Orwells, My Gold Mask, Naked Raygun, Patti Smith…okay it is a really good line up.

Many blogs are helping you prepare by letting you know to dress comfortably, wear comfortable shoes,  layers, drink lots of water, stranger danger, have a meeting place, but I have a warning that may not occur to you if you’re an old punker like me.


Public service announcement from Jim Breuer on Slayer fans.

After shows got a bit better with the addition of Naked Raygun.

Get there safely and enjoy the gorgeous park

Rock out and have fun!


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Spool Going Round says Death to all Festivals

I’m tired of it. Festivals are eating up all the talent and…

Here is my main complaint with Riot Fest.

I love Buzzcocks. I love Paul Weller. Neither of them come to Chicago enough. Almost never.  Finally we get them to come and they are playing for 45 minutes in the afternoon. It just doesn’t make sense to the music fan. You could spend a whole day just listening to great songs from one of these bands.  After knowing that they were playing short afternoon sets, I at least thought they would add an after show! I mean come on!

We are looking at all these festivals the wrong way. Lollapalooza, Riot Fest, and all the rest. They sell out before the bands are even announced so these are not HUGE fans of the bands. These are posers who know that this is where they should be hanging around because someone told them they should. We are wasting these wonderful band’s Chicago stop on a short set that probably is competing with something else on the otherside of the park for their half hour. We could be catching these bands in full sets at smaller venues but no. Milwaukee is going to get a longer Buzzcocks concert than Chicago, WTF!

Death to all festivals! Riot Fest Sucks. Even though I love most of the bands performing.

Here is the daily schedule of very short sets.Riot Fest Chicago 2014.

We get very short sets! Riot Fest Chicago 2014.

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It is time you warmed up to ICEAGE

Young men making a desirable ruckus is the band Iceage from Copenhagen.  At times the band’s music is troubling.  Sometimes it is hard to hear the beauty in the noise.  It’s punk but not always in sound but always in attitude.  You definitely sense the young men are going through life-changes.  There is a confusion that compels you to want to help them figure it out, but what are we trying to figure out?

Iceage - Plowing Into The Field Of Love

Some of this new confusion comes with the forthcoming release


Ah yes Love, with that comes a lot of confusion.   The first song released to tease us into the October release is “Forever.”

Wed. Oct. 22 – Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle w/ Helm, Father Murphy Tickets

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Joan Rivers life supporting music

Joan Rivers was great for speaking her mind and she had a quick wit which I always appreciate.  I know it is sad for friends, family, and fans that she has passed but she lived a full life and you can’t ask for more than 81 years, can you? Really?

Below is Joan on her show supporting some good alternative music of the day. The Psychedelic Furs tearing up on Joan Rivers show in 1987.

Midnight to Midnight
Heartbreak Beat

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iTunes festival coming to your laptop all month long

September is a great time of year. Fall is my favorite. It also coincides with the iTunes festival live from London Roundhouse.  In previous years I have enjoyed performances from Jake Bugg, Sigur Ros, and Arctic Monkeys.  Even if you would never be found dead at a Lady Gaga concert you can log into iTunes put the headphones on, dim the lights, and nobody knows…but you’re a little monster.  Also artists like Paolo Nutini who must have inadvertently forgot to add a tour date in my town, now I can see him live.

They also do a great job of pairing groups together. They have Blondie with Chrissie Hynde or Ryan Adams with First Aid Kit. This year has already started and here are a few highlights as I see them.  Hope to see you at the show.








Here is Arctic Monkeys from last year’s iTunes festival.


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My reflections on over 1,000 concerts attended (a Conspiracy of Hope)

Not my first concert but definitely the first concert I attended where I felt totally overwhelmed.  Was I having an out of body experience?  Did The Police just reunite? Was that Bono, and Sting, and Lou Reed, and Peter Gabriel? Am I dreaming? I might faint. Wait I’m a teenager and it definitely would not be cool if I faint.

In 1986 I may have been the biggest U2 fan in this country.  I was obsessed with them. Ask anyone that knew me, I was with them from the start and I knew they were great.  I didn’t care a whole lot about the rest of what was going to happen when this show was announced, but I knew U2 was playing Chicago and I was going to be there!



I was addicted to seeing U2 in concert. Seriously it was like heroin.  Seeing that band live was so thrilling.  The goosebumps that I got when Bono would speak, saying things like “sing it for John Lennon.” Paving their own way to classic rock royalty with the tar of those incredible songwriters that came before them.

I will admit that many of my reflections on this show are triggered by other’s reflections and I thank all of you for that.  Again it was overwhelming.  I was a teenager and going through many things at that age.  I had done a few things that would label me a man but I had much more to learn.  I was witnessing my favorite band in the world.  But I was also becoming aware of the world that I lived in and was a part of.  I started to realize that maybe my voice could make a change.  If this many like-minded people could gather in the Rosemont Horizon for a show like this then maybe we could connect on a larger scale.  I am sure this was also what Al Gore was thinking whilst in his basement creating the world wide web. Maybe like-minded music lovers would create world peace through something called a blog? A blog named Spool Going Round.

It is because of this W.W.W. that I have heard some of the stories from other attendees of this show.  Sparks that have ignited my own memories of one of the best rock and roll shows to ever happen. Peter Gabriel was great. He was enjoying a good string of hits. I didn’t even mind the short set from Bryan Adams.

It was Friday night, June 13, 1986. We had seats on the side and you could see all of these artists lining up. Some coming to the side just to see how the band on stage was doing. One thing I strongly remember was the buzz going through the audience that The Police were going to reunite on stage tonight.  Again overwhelmed. When they hit the stage the stadium went insane. Little did I know that 13 years later I would interview Sting.

The Police Set List:

message in a bottle
spirits in the material world
king of pain
driven to tears
wrapped around your finger
every breath you take
invisible sun with Bono

I had totally forgotten about Robin Williams’ performance until a recent article mentioned his work with Amnesty International and mentioned his live performance at the Chicago show.

Finally my favorite, U2, Bono with long hair and tasseled jacket seemed a Jesus-like figure that could write the best songs but was also out to save the world. He picked up the spot light and shined it on us. He wanted to help, we wanted to help, so we all sang The Beatles “Help” in what may be the best 40 minute musical set ever. Bono pulls the girl from the audience up with him and we all lose our minds. Little did I know a year later in the same venue I would be seeing U2 from the 3rd row and Bono would pull the girl seated right next to me up on stage with him.

U2 Set List:

MLK, Pride (In The Name Of Love), New Year’s Day, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Maggie’s Farm / Cold Turkey (snippet), Help, Norwegian Wood (snippet) / , Bad / Walk On The Wild Side (snippet) / Biko (snippet) / Candle In The Wind (snippet) / If You Love Somebody, Set Them Free (snippet) / Sexual Healing (snippet), Sun City with Lou Reed

As the Chicago Tribune reported it by Lynn Van Matre:

The Chicago Tribune, June 15, 1986
By: Lynn Van Matre, Pop Music critic


“The traveling all-star musical marathon billed as “A Conspiracy of Hope” rolled into the Rosemont Horizon Friday night with a twofold purpose: to make people aware of Amnesty International, a human rights organization which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and to make some good rock and roll.It’s hard to know just how much consciousness-raising was accomplished Friday, but the quality (and quantity) of the music was never in doubt. Nearly five hours of rock and roll produced several standout performances and a couple of surprises.Sting, for instance, was billed as a solo act, but when he took the stage to close out the evening’s entertainment lineup, he was accompanied by his old Police mates, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland. Lou Reed, who had done a set of his own earlier in the show, returned to the stage during U2’s set to be joined by Bono and the rest of the band in the anti-apartheid song, “Sun City.” And comedian Robin Williams turned up unexpectedly to do a number of manic jokes (none of them particularly funny) about dictators, TV evangelists and giving birth.

Dick Gregory also stopped by to offer a few words about the work of Amnesty International, and a dozen or so other celebs did their bit via videos which were shown during set changes. It’s hard to argue with most of the group’s goals: to work to free those who have been persecuted and imprisoned for their beliefs (“prisoners of conscience,” as Amnesty International refers to them). But according to one of the celebs on video, Amnesty International also opposes the death penalty anytime, anywhere, a philosophical stand that plenty of people might have serious problems accepting.

The music, however, sometimes spoke as loud or louder than the messages Friday night. One of the concert’s most memorable moments came when singer Peter Gabriel ended his set with “Biko,” a haunting tribute to slain South African poet and activist Steven Biko.

The show, featuring Sting, U2, Gabriel, Reed, Bryan Adams, Joan Baez and the Neville Brothers (with concert producer Bill Graham as master of ceremonies), opened with a brief, two-song set by the Nevilles. The New Orleans group is currently trying to widen the audience for their musical gumbo of funk, blues, jazz and Mardi Gras sounds, but there wasn’t much opportunity for them to strut their stuff in the limited time alloted them. Next up was Joan Baez, who performed “The Times They Are A-Changin’ ” a cappella and talked about torture chambers, then teamed up with the Nevilles for a few numbers including “Amazing Grace.”

With Baez, the obligatory “do-gooder,” out of the way, the crowd was happy to move on to some rock and roll ably provided by Lou Reed. One of rock’s genuine originals, Reed and his band performed “I Love You, Suzanne,” “Turn to Me,” and “Walk on the Wild Side” to the crowd’s appreciative cries of “Loooooooo.”

Reed was followed by Gabriel, whose synth-driven rock sound has recently reached the mainstream via his current hit single, “Sledgehammer.” That song and “Shock the Monkey” were crowd pleasers Friday, but Gabriel’s somber “Biko” was what brought down the house. A short intermission followed Gabriel’s set, with the second half of the concert consisting of Adams, U2 and Sting. Adams reprised his Top 40 hits, including “Straight from the Heart” and “Summer of ’69,” and drew a particularly strong response from the crowd. But the biggest reception of the evening was accorded U2, featuring lead vocalist Bono and a guitarist known as The Edge. The band’s anthemic sound has never sounded better, and Bono was in particularly good spirits.”

© 1986 The Chicago Tribune. All Rights Reserved.


Thank you to Lynn Van Matre, music critic, published in the Chicago Tribune.

It’s not too late to join Amensty

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The Male Response to Robin Williams’ Death

I should probably just start with a public apology. I am sorry. We speak from a place of hurt and struggle and we say things that we shouldn’t, but maybe we should, we do, but then we regret it.  Idiots like Henry Rollins and Gene Simmons have already been caught in this trap.

No one wants to hurt Robin Williams with their words.  We do however want everyone to know through our words that we are hurt by his actions.

I think this is very important for women and the world in general, are you ready?


This is a very important lesson to learn in human behavior.  We could get into all the male stereotypes and how men are not to cry.  We do get sad but we show that through something easier and more acceptable which is mad.

Men also want to be especially good a helping.  We fix things, that is what we do.  Toilets broke, let me fix that.  Having car problems, let me take a look at that. When someone we love commits suicide we missed an opportunity to help.

Death always will hurt those around you more than it does you.  This is where a lot of anger comes out on how selfish of an act it is.  Life is a struggle and that really is what it is all about.  We are all struggling.  I can’t think life would be better if I was Brad.  Brad has his struggles too.  That is life.

We miss Robin Williams and we don’t want to lose any more.  If you feel the end is now, please seek help because we don’t want to get this sad/mad about you.  There is help in music, art, nature, and even in people on the other end of the phone.

Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Robin Williams, we love you and miss you.   I am hurt and instead of saying something from anger, I am going to head-bang to this rocker. I will turn to another Robin, Robin Zander.  No one in Cheap Trick has ever killed themselves.


Au revoir, auf wiedersehen
You won’t see another morning
You won’t see another evening
Good night

Buenos noches, oh senor
Senorita see ya later
Buenos noches, bye-bye

There are many here among us
Who feel that life is a joke
And for you we sing this final song
For you there is no hope

Sayonara suicide
Hari kari kamikaze
You won’t see another evening

Buenos noches ,oh senor
Senorita see ya later
Buenos noches, bye-bye

There are many here among us
Who feel that life is a joke
And for you we sing this final song
For you there is no hope

Bye-bye, so long, farewell
Bye-bye, so long, sayonara
Bye-bye, au revoir, auf wiedersehen

Bye-bye, so long, farewell
Bye-bye, so long, suicide
Bye-bye, so long, hari kari, kamikaze
Suicide, suicide, suicide

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Blog Recommended

This gif well represents everything there is to love here at Spool Going Round.

Spool Going Round loves records.

Now that’s a Spool Going Round!

I get asked a lot what other blogs out there are like mine? What blogs do I go to? Can I recommend other like-minded blogs?

I just ran into this one today. It looks cool and with a Spool Going Round gif like that I have to recommend them.

This comes from Floating Vibes.

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