Spool Going Round Radio Playlist on KPTZ 9/18/17

Nice segues as always. Here is the playlist if you are looking to buy the music you heard.

Thanks for listening! -Mike @ Spool Going Round


London Grammar with “Non Believer”


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The National “Sleep Well Beast” album review

New Release available 9/8/17 via 4AD Records

I like to start the morning off with a brisk walk.  I head to the beach and then walk through town. As I came into the final stretch, round the local movie theatre, I noticed a poster for a movie playing titled Band Aid.  Being the music lover I am, it intrigued me.  So when I returned home from my walk,  I looked it up.  The premise is that a couple is uncoupling and as part of marriage therapy they go back to their first love, music.  The couple starts writing songs together and out of that is a way to voice their problems and work together to solve them.   They get the band back together and maybe the marriage too? What a great premise for a movie!

After putting the movie on my list of “to see” films, I started listening to the new album by The National called “Sleep Well Beast” coming out 9/8/17 via 4AD records.  I couldn’t help but notice in many of the songs they seem to be dealing with relationship issues.  After further investigation, I see that the principle songwriters on the album are Matt Berninger, the vocalist, and his wife, Carin Besser.  Am I listening to the recorded musical version of the movie poster I just saw? Is this the old adage “which came first the album or the movie?” People ask that, right? I’m pretty sure it was asked when Steely Dan came out with the song “Cousin Dupree” and then Owen Wilson wrote a film called “You, Me, and Dupree.”

Much of the sound on Sleep Well Beast is familiar and reminds me of  The Boxer which was the first National album that I loved.  They have added some electronic touches and samples like in the track “Walk it back” but I would not call this some outrageous leap, it still sounds like The National.   You are going to hear just as much piano as beep-bop-boops. Oh and “Turtleneck” is an outright rocker!

Back to the relationship problems, is it the band or marriage, or both? In the track “Day I Die” there are lines of “…I barely ever see you anymore..when I do it feels like you’re only halfway there…” After some more accusations are thrown back and forth we get to the song titled “Guilty Party” I assumed we would come to some conclusions but only to hear Matt sing “..It’s nobody’s fault..” Isn’t it true though? And we are all to blame.  Pick up Sleep Well Beast and I am sure you will find something in there that you are guilty of doing and also something that will have you glaring recriminations at your partner. Is “Sleep Well Beast” what Matt and Carin say to each other before going to bed? No.  That’s mean.  Or, it could be cute?  They’ll figure it out.  We will enjoy the great writing from the pair.

It is a valuable listening experience and will definitely rest in the Top 5 of 2017.

One of the best tracks on Sleep Well Beast is “The System only dreams in Total Darkness.”

Catch them live on their world tour

9/16/17 – Cork Opera House / Sounds From a Safe Harbour – Cork, IRELAND

9/17/17 – Vicar Street – Dublin, IRELAND

9/18/17 – Vicar Street – Dublin, IRELAND

9/20/17 – Usher Hall – Edinburgh, UK

9/21/17 – Usher Hall – Edinburgh, UK

9/22/17 – O2 Apollo – Manchester, UK

9/23/17 – O2 Apollo – Manchester, UK

9/25/17 – Eventim Hammersmith Apollo – London, UK

9/26/17 – Eventim Hammersmith Apollo – London, UK

9/27/17 – Eventim Hammersmith Apollo – London, UK

9/28/17 – Eventim Hammersmith Apollo – London, UK

10/05/17 – Wang Theatre – Boston, MA

10/06/17 – Forest Hills Stadium – New York, NY

10/11/17 – Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, CA

10/12/17 – CalCoast Credit Union Open Air Theatre – San Diego, CA

10/14/17 – Greek Theatre – Berkeley, CA

10/21/17 – Elbphilharmonie – Hamburg, GERMANY

10/23/17 – Tempodrom – Berlin, GERMANY

10/24/17 – Tempodrom – Berlin, GERMANY

10/25/17 – AFAS Live – Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

10/28/17 – Coliseum – Lisbon, PORTUGAL

10/30/17 – Bozar – Brussels, BELGIUM

10/31/17 – Bozar – Brussels, BELGIUM

11/02/17 – 11/04/17 – Pitchfork Paris, Paris FRANCE

11/04/17 – Annexet – Stockholm, SWEDEN

11/05/17 – Annexet – Stockholm, SWEDEN

11/06/17 – Sentrum Scene – Oslo, NORWAY

11/07/17 – Sentrum Scene – Oslo, NORWAY

11/27/17 – Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall – Portland, OR

11/28/17 – Paramount Theatre – Seattle, WA

11/29/17 – Paramount Theatre – Seattle, WA

12/01/17 – Queen Elizabeth Theatre – Vancouver BC, CANADA

12/02/17 – Queen Elizabeth Theatre – Vancouver BC, CANADA

12/04/17 – Verizon Hall – Philadelphia, PA

12/07/17 – Metropolis – Montreal QC, CANADA

12/08/17 – Metropolis – Montreal QC, CANADA

12/09/17 – Sony Centre – Toronto ON, CANADA

12/10/17 – Hamilton Place Theatre – Hamilton ON, CANADA

12/12/17 – Civic Opera House – Chicago, IL

12/13/17 – Civic Opera House – Chicago, IL

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Spool Going Round Radio Playlist 9/4/17

The National at Seattle’s Moore Theater 10/9 & 10/10/17

The new album title “Sleep Well Beast” available this Friday, 9/8/17.

click to ORDER NOW


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Spool Going Round Radio Playlist on KPTZ

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Help Charlottesville Heal with Music

In the past year I have spent a lot of time in Charlottesville and working with the people of Charlottesville, VA.  I was devastated to see the civil war going on there.   It is now time to heal and there is no better way to do that than listening to the great jam bands of now and forever. 

You can be a part of it through this livestream event.  Sending good vibes to Virginia.

The Charlottesville Area Community Foundation (CACF) has established the Heal Charlottesville Fund to support both immediate needs and longer-term reconciliation and healing efforts.

As an immediate step, the Fund will work with local mental health providers to provide access to trauma and mental health services for residents, and ensure that residents are aware of this opportunity. It will also support victims injured in the car attack who may need assistance with medical expenses.

The LOCKN’ Festival is supporting the Fund by making it easy for fans to donate via text message. Fans in attendance of watching at home on the webcast can text “LOCKN” to 444999 to donate any amount they wish.

All donations are tax-deductible, and administered by HeadCount.org. HeadCount is a non-profit civic engagement organization that also runs the “Participation Row” social action village at LOCKN’. This year, 16 non-profit organizations will be featured at LOCKN’s Particpation Row, including 10 based in Charlottesville or Nelson County. A full list can be found here.

Ben & Jerry’s is sponsoring both the webcast and Participation Row. They’ll be giving free scoops of ice cream to any LOCKN’ attendee who visits Participation Row and takes actions with the various non-profit organizations.

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Spool Going Round Radio Playlist 7/31/17

Playing good tunes on the radio because he digs them. King of the Great Segues.

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Best band interview ever? Zane Lowe sits down with the biggest band in the world

I have always admired Zane Lowe from afar. He is a DJ and he knows his music. I have seen his interviews with Morrissey and others and they have been okay. I think what I admire the most, is that he became a tastemaker.  To me this is the greatest honor bestowed on a DJ.  This has always been a goal and admiration of mine. I like to think that I am imposing my taste on a large amount of others and hopefully it is influencing many.  I write this music blog on artists I like.  I share music that inspires me with my radio audience.  I want to influence others to this great joy of music.

The recording below is special.  I have just been enamored with this video interview of Zane Lowe sitting down with the biggest band in the world.  Sure I dream of one day sitting down with Bono.  The question is often asked of who you would like to sit down and have dinner with, including both dead and alive?  My answer has always been Bono.  But if I am completely honest with myself, it may never be this good.  You can’t just be a total fan boy.  You have to weave a conversation with your idols and if you are lucky, get the drummer and bass player to speak.  This may be the best interview that I have ever seen or heard.   Total love and respect to Zane Lowe, fellow U2 fan, on a remarkable accomplishment.

Zane Lowe -Beats 1- Apple/iTunes.

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Spool Going Round Radio Playlist 7/17/17

New music this week from The Drums, Jason Isbell and the 400 unit, Armstrongs, and Liam Gallagher solo.


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Super Heroes from the Moon

I was just reading this on my superhero, Mr. Moon. What would he be called; Mr. Moon? Drummer Boy? Moon Man?

This was a recollection of events from The Who’s 1967 tour of America when they were the opening act for Herman’s Hermits. I think both Marvel and DC comics missed the opportunity here.  My favorite drummer of all time and a superhero to many. He would throw drum sticks at evil villains, right?


Image result for the who opening for herman's hermits

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Spool Going Round Radio Playlist 7/3/17

Are you listening to Spool Going Round Radio? Setlists put together by the DJ because he digs the tunes and loves how they flow together. 



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