Spool Going Round Playlist KPTZ 91.9fm

Today Spool Going Round had a major concert announcement for Seattle.  U2 at Century Link Field May 14th!! New music from David Bowie,  Elbow, and London Grammar.




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So glad that U2 are bringing Joshua Tree round again

“Recently I listened back to The Joshua Tree for the first time in nearly 30 years,” adds Bono. “It’s quite an opera. A lot of emotions which feel strangely current, love, loss, broken dreams, seeking oblivion, polarisation… all the greats… I’ve sung some of these songs a lot… but never all of them. I’m up for it, if our audience is as excited as we are… it’s gonna be a great night. Especially when we play at home. Croke Park.. it’s where the album was born, 30 years ago.”

If you’ve checked in with this blog before you know how important U2 were to my musical history.  I was lucky enough to see U2 several times and many of those shows were on the never-ending spiritual journey known as The Joshua Tree tour.  Always room for another.

I am so happy that the band is bringing that album and live show back to life 30 years later.   I can’t wait to hear “Red Hill Mining Town”

U2 The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Tour 2017

May 12 – Vancouver, BC @ BC Place
May 14 – Seattle, WA @ CenturyLink Field
May 17 – Santa Clara, CA @ Levi’s Stadium
May 20 – Los Angeles, CA @ Rose Bowl
May 24 – Houston, TX @ NRG Stadium
May 26 – Dallas, TX @ AT&T Stadium
June 3 – Chicago, IL @ Soldier Field
June 7 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Heinz Field
June 11 – Miami, Fl @ Hard Rock Stadium
June 14 – Tampa, FL @ Raymond James Stadium
June 18 – Philadelphia, PA @ Lincoln Financial Field
June 20 – Washington, DC @ FedExField
June 23 – Toronto, ONT @ Rogers Centre
June 25 – Boston, MA @ Gillette Stadium
June 28 – East Rutherford, NJ @ MetLife Stadium
July 1 – Cleveland, OH @ FirstEnergy Stadium

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Spool Going Round Playlist new for 2017

On Monday, January 2nd, from 8-10 am we get deep.  Spool Going Round believes the new year is the perfect time to unload some emotional baggage.  Clean it out and start new. Warning: You may feel emotions that you didn’t know you had.  Come along with Mike for this emotional journey that will take you from Johnny Cash singing about his “hurt” to Mick Jagger singing about his “Joy”.   This show will also include the greatest speech ever put in a movie.


Thank you so much for listening.  2017 is going to be great!  We have cleaned out our emotional baggage and are ready for a clean slate in the new year.

Mike @ Spool Going Round  email spoolgoinground@yahoo.com


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Top 10 Albums of 2016 the Spool Going Round List (5-1)

  1. David Bowie-Blackstar

Blackstar by David Bowie (2016-08-03)

He found a way to make dying with cancer his final piece of art and it’s wonderful.   We will be finding new things in this recording for years to come.  I love this man.  The way he kept this secret from the world though is impressive too.  Many of us will never know when our time is up, it just will happen.  For David Bowie he wore the news bravely like a cap on an incredible career filled with so many highlights.

2. Richard Ashcroft-These people

These People

I should start a Richard Ashcroft fan club.  I am his #1 fan.  He’s brilliant.  Every single thing he touches is gold.  I voted his RPA United Nations of Sound my number one album of the year it came out.  I really feel like other people don’t get him.  Other reviewers were very unkind to that album but to me the RPA album was a brilliant Curtis Mayfield album.  Here he is again with incredible songs and many modern sounds in production and song structure.  The only thing keeping this from being my album of the year is Mr. Bowie.

3. Michael Kiwanuka- Love & Hate

Love And Hate

This one came to me later in the year and quickly ran up my list.  What an exciting musical journey.  The album starts out with a Pink Floyd style slow-burner with excellent David Gilmour tone to the guitar parts.  He takes you to church on one song and then in the next hip-hop’s through being a black man in a white world.  With a 10 minute song and a pair of 7 minute songs this album keeps you interested through it all.  So much to love.  Really nothing to hate.  I’m glad I didn’t hear this until late in the year because Love & Hate will keep me engrossed well into 2017.

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers-The Getaway

The Getaway

Bands that have been a part of your whole life and keep going, add so much more than just an interesting new release.  RHCP is a band that have always kept it exciting.  Here you also get to appreciate how they mature and grow as song writers.  The songs reflect personal journeys that most of us have experienced along the way too.  Flea still child-like as an old man can lay down a very funky bass groove.

5. Bob Weir- Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain

Bob means a lot to me and to many of us.  I traveled around with the Dead.  The Dead made the music of the 90’s bearable. Since there weren’t any good new recordings coming out it allowed me time to go back to research and learn the vast history of the Grateful Dead.  Bob was kicked out of the Dead when he was about 16 but he said “okay, see you guys tomorrow” and kept showing up.  Day after day he continued to show up and just put the band to bed last summer.   When Jerry died Bob was there for us.  He has always been there for us.  It’s nice that since he was 15 and worked on a ranch he has wanted to make a cowboy album and in 2016 that dream came to fruition thanks to the band the National, who back him on Blue Mountain.  Now we can be there for him.  Go out and buy this album and help support this young artist who has so much to offer.

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Top 10 Albums of 2016 the Spool Going Round List (11-6)

6. Cheap Trick-Bang, Zoom, Crazy…hello

Bang, Zoom, Crazy...Hello

America’s greatest band released an album this year. Robin Zander’s voice gets better with time. He’s part of a very small group of singers that have his history and can still say that. The guitar riffs are sold by the baker’s dozen. They even throw in the very Bowie-esque “When I wake up tomorrow” to show you they aren’t stuck in a rut.  Your Mamma’s alright and Your Daddy’s alright and this album is really alright!


7. Savages – Adore Life

Image result

Women are killing men when it comes to punk rock.  I can name at least 12 great punk bands that are fronted by a female.  Savages are an all female band, and it seems silly, but even in 2016 that is a rarity.   The title track asks the very interesting question “is it human to adore life” boy I hope so.  I really don’t want to believe that we are hardwired to negativity.  Enjoy each day and enjoy this album.



8. The Last Shadow Puppets- Everything you’ve come to expect

Everything You've Come To Expect

These young men are so impressive.  I love Alex Turner and Miles Kane for their individual bands but when they come together as the Last Shadow Puppets it is something all together different and really wonderful.   This album picks up where their last one left off and it is a great place to be.



9. Kings of Leon- Walls

Kings Of Leon: Walls (Indie Exclusive Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

I don’t think anything will ever compare to the first time I heard Kings of Leon.  The first album was perfect.  They play stadiums now and are married and have kids with supermodels, so there’s that.  Even though they are not as hungry as that first time out, they deliver a great album of tunes here.  I think they may have been listening to some Pink Floyd during the recording of WALLS.  Pink Floyd wrote some good songs around the Wall as well.


10. Leonard Cohen WANT IT DARKER

You Want It Darker

I love how modern this recording by an 82 year old sounds.  I love how Leonard embraces the end.  The line “I am ready my lord” that is so punk rock.  I love Leonard Cohen.  Smoking is bad for you though.


11. Solange- A Seat at the Table

A Seat at the Table [CD Album] - UK Edition

I am so proud of myself for giving this album a listen.  I ended up winning big with a wonderful listening and musical experience delivered by Solange.  In a prior time I may have thrown this to the side assuming it was pop or rap garbage made by the masses for the masses.   What it is is a very personal journey that you feel very privileged to be let into by Solange.  Great album and deserved of a best-of nod.


Please come back as we look at #5-1 for 2016.

Mike @ Spool Going Round

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Spool Going Round Best of 2016 Playlist

91.9 FM KPTZ Radio Port Townsend  


Thanks to all who tuned in to this great broadcast.  See you on the radio in 2017

Mike @ Spool Going Round


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Bob Coburn, Thank you for the excitement you brought to radio

View image on Twitter

Bob Coburn was a DJ that had me glued to my radio. As a DJ you are always trying to bring that excitement that makes the listener not want to get out of the car when they reach their destination, Bob brought that for me and many others.  I have never wanted to call into a radio show more than this one.  Bob was perfect at taking calls from all over the country and helping the fan into a conversation with their musical idols.

Rockline, hosted by Bob Coburn, was a show that I would never miss if at all possible. His interviews and taste in music were so wonderful to listen to.  Shows like Rockline were very influential to me and my burgeoning passion to be a part of radio and be surrounded by music for life.

He has passed away from cancer with his friends and family by his side.  He will be missed. He is BC and we will BC-ing you.

A taste


Thank you for sharing your gift,

Mike @ Spool Going Round


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Spool Going Round Playlist KPTZ 91.9 fm www.kptz.org



New Music from Neil Young and the XX


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Spool Going Round Playlist 91.9fm KPTZ

And online at Kptz.org


Mike @ Spool Going Round

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Muddy Magnolias blossom with socially conscious R&B

Great new band I am really enjoying named Muddy Magnolias. They deliver the message and the music you need to hear. They are out of Nashville and you can enjoy a taste of them below.

I will be playing “Brother, What Happend?” on my Spool Going Round radio show tomorrow morning between 8-10 am PST on KPTZ.org

Maybe they will stop by my radio show when up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest?

From their website

“We want to see what society would be like if we all reached out in ways we normally wouldn’t,” adds Wilson.

And that is the magic and the message. The music of Muddy Magnolias, live and on record, comes from a place where the Mississippi meets the A-Train by way of Nashville. Whether yours is the back porch or the front stoop, Spanish moss or window box garden, dusty country lane or crowded subway car, rural honky-tonk or uptown club, this is music that beckons. Muddy Magnolias are collaboration without boundaries, musical healing in a landscape of the heart, and all of us who treasure creative energy, honest art and the possibilities of love and unity, are better for their arrival.


Muddy Magnolias debut album “Broken People,” is available now and in stores internationally.


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