Lo Moon plays Barboza in Seattle on Sunday

Lo Moon photo by Jonathan Weiner

Great idea for Father’s day. I have only heard two songs from  Lo Moon but they are incredible. So great to hear the spirit of one of my favorite bands, which is Talk Talk, in this new band just starting out.  Catch them at a small club while you can.  They are warming up for their shows with Air and appearance at Lollapalooza.

6/18/17   Seattle, WA @ Barboza
6/19/17   Portland, OR @ Bunk Bar
6/23/17   San Francisco, CA @ Masonic Auditorium with Air
6/24/17   Santa Barbara, CA @ Santa Barbara Bowl with Air
6/25/17   Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theater with Air
8/6/17     Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza


You can hear them on my show Monday morning.  I will be seguing into Talk Talk as well.

Check out Lo Moon videos below.   Tickets here

“Higher than the Sun Expectations for Lo Moon” – Mike @ Spool Going Round

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Hatchie brings back that dreamy Cocteau Twins sound we miss so much

Hariette Pilbeam, from Brisbane, Australia, goes by the moniker, Hatchie.  Hatchie is very Catchie.  Great song for summer.

Since it’s release last month, “Try” has been making waves in Australia, getting championed by Triple J and making it’s way onto Spotify’s viral list, Top 40s and Best Of playlists. The 24 year old quietly honed her own sound, producing and recording tracks in her off time from the many bands she was a part of in the Brisbane scene. “Try” marks the first of what is sure to be many riveting releases from this promising new artist.

It’s a shame she couldn’t face the right way when they were shooting the album cover above. Debut single is “Try”

“Hatchie is Catchie” -Mike @ Spool Going Round

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Spool Going Round Radio Playlist from KPTZ 91.9 FM


Available for playback for the next 2 weeks at radiofreeamerica.com

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Spool Going Round Radio Playlist from KPTZ 91.9fm

Listen to this show for the next 2 weeks here CLICK HERE then click on the play button

Mike @ Spool Going Round


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U2 Come to look for America in 2017 US Opener

U2 Come to look for America in 2017 US Opener

Mr. and Mrs. Spool Going Round await U2’s arrival at CenturyLink Field in Seattle

Last night at CenturyLink field in Seattle I saw the best performance of the Joshua Tree, which came out 30 years ago.  I saw 3 shows on the original Joshua Tree tour in 1987 and every one was amazing.  It is why I am still a fan and why I would purchase tickets to see this in 2017. This would be my 9th U2 concert, a journey that started back with the Unforgettable Fire tour.  It’s amazing how easy of a sell this replay of the Joshua Tree album would be, with 70,000 tickets selling out within a day.  The band of the 1987 tour was young and naive.  They were still trying to figure out why a country so far away was so enthralled with their little band from Dublin.   This is what made them so endearing to their fans.  We were witnessing a band growing from clubs to amphitheaters at rapid pace.  Tonight they would bring back that word that I always used to describe them as I tried to convert non-believers, “Intensity!”

On Sunday night in Seattle, they were intense and they were confident.  Once again this band from Ireland was teaching us Americans about our own country.  What is great and what needs a fixin’.   Bono showed his love of America and that brought to light the ideals that we sometimes forget.  Intertwining Paul Simon’s “America” with lines like “I’ve gone to look for America” throughout the show.   Reciting lines from “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” now that is a country you can get behind.

I loved that the show started out on the small stage in chronological order with 2 songs from the War album and then 3 songs from the Unforgettable Fire.   Then as the intro music played for “Where the Streets have No name” the band rose up to the larger Joshua Tree stage which would bring to life the largest, most clear, video screen these eyes have ever seen.

Thanks to youtuber @U2 for this video of “BAD” from 5/14/17 Seattle. Bono reminding us “that whatever it is, let it go.”

Setlist 5/14/2017

Pre-Joshua Tree set

Sunday Bloody Sunday

New Year’s Day

A Sort of Homecoming



 Joshua Tree Start

Where The Streets Have No Name

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

With or Without You

Bullet the Blue Sky

Running to Stand Still

Red Hill Mining Town

In God’s Country

Trip Through Your Wires

One Tree Hill


Mothers of the Disappeared (with Eddie Vedder and Mumford & Sons)

Joshua Tree End

Post Joshua Tree Set

Beautiful Day


Ultraviolet (light my way)


 Miss Sarajevo

The Little Things That Give You Away (new song)

 I Will Follow

Sounding better than ever and bringing the stunning visuals to back it up, this was the best performance of The Joshua Tree live.   If I can be a critic and point out one small disappointment, it would be waiting 30 years to hear my favorite Joshua Tree song “Red Hill Mining Town” and it being a reworked subpar version.  With Edge on piano instead of guitar this was a letdown, especially given the promise of playing all the songs from this album and this being the first time ever played live.  Where they were so true to the other songs this fell short of what could have been a wonderful song event.

I was so thrilled that U2 decided to play the album from start to finish, in its entirety.  This was a wise decision.   The songs added to the front and back of the album-set on this night were also perfectly chosen.

Bono, a recent woman of the year winner, also brought to light the wonderful women who have changed the world for the better.  The focus is usually put on the men in power but we all know there is no good man without a great woman next to them (see photo above.) Bill Gates may have made huge profits but it is Melinda who is choosing to change the world with these profits, both were in attendance this night.

As I, and many others, come to grips with our country in 2017, this little band from Dublin once again helped us see what makes America great and what is worth fighting for.

Thank you to Bono, Edge, Larry, and Adam.

Photo by Tim Durkan from the Seattle Times


Mike @ Spool Going Round

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Like Spring’s warm breezes, Fleet Foxes are back with Crack-up

1. I Am All That I Need / Arroyo Seco / Thumbprint Scar
2. Cassius, –
3. – Naiads, Cassadies
4. Kept Woman
5. Third of May / Ōdaigahara
6. If You Need To, Keep Time on Me
7. Mearcstapa
8. On Another Ocean (January / June)

9. Fool’s Errand

10. I Should See Memphis

11. Crack-Up 

The new Fleet Foxes album comes just in time for sitting out on the deck and looking at nature as their sweet harmonies fill the air.   After listening to the whole new album Crack-Up, due June 16th via Nonesuch records,  I can tell you it is well worth the wait.  Pre-order now.

I have always loved songs that start out as one thing and completely morph into another. Fleet Foxes are taking this concept to a new higher level by doing their version of suites. “I am all that I need/Arroyo Seco/Thumbprint scar” is a perfect example and starts the album off.  I wonder why more artists are not doing this, especially with this MP3 format and being such a singles driven listening experience these days, it makes sense that if you want the listener to experience three songs together: you would put them together as a suite.

I can’t help but feel that Fleet Foxes should spend their entire time recording because they are so fantastic at album making.  Album making is becoming a lost art form and we must not let it die.  It is important to our survival.  This goes against my great love of seeing bands live (I also believe that the concert experience is what will bring the world together.)  I have only seen Fleet Foxes live on video and it seems that these delicate pieces with beautiful harmonies must have trouble competing with an audience of chatter-boxes (bros talking) on loudmouth soup (alcohol) who believe that everything they say is brilliant and need to be heard by all (bloggers).  Even with this being said the only way bands make money in 2017 is to tour. Fleet Foxes will take this album out on a pretty extensive road trip.  Dates below.  Many venues are allowing you to purchase the album with your tickets.

May 15 | Missoula, MT at The Wilma (SOLD OUT)

May 16 | Spokane, WA at Knitting Factory

May 18 | Portland, OR at Crystal Ballroom (SOLD OUT)

May 19 | Seattle, WA at The Showbox at the Market (SOLD OUT)

May 26 | Sydney, Australia at Sydney Opera House

May 27 | Sydney, Australia at Sydney Opera House

May 28 | Sydney, Australia at Sydney Opera House

May 29 | Sydney, Australia at Sydney Opera House

June 23 | France, Lille at ‘Aéronef

June 24 | Netherlands, Ewijk at Down The Rabbit Hole

July 1 | Spain, Vilanova i la Geltrú at Vida Festival

July 3 | Italy, Ferrara at Bands Apart

July 4 | Switzerland, Montreux at Montreux Jazz Festival

July 7 | Spain, Bilbao at Bilbao BBK Live

July 8 | Portugal, Lisbon at NOS Alive Festival

July 11 | Ireland, Cork at Cork Opera House

July 13 | Ireland, Dublin at The Iveagh Gardens

July 14 | Ireland, Dublin at The Iveagh Gardens (SOLD OUT)

July 16 | United Kingdom, Southwold at Latitude Festival

July 27 | Portland, ME at Thompson’s Point

July 28 | Newport, RI at Newport Folk Festival (SOLD OUT)

July 29 | Columbia, MD at Merriweather Post Pavilion

July 31 | Philadelphia, PA at Mann Center for the Performing Arts w/ Animal Collective

August 1 | Brooklyn, NY at Brooklyn! Festival at the Prospect Parkl (SOLD OUT)

August 2 | Brooklyn, NY at Brooklyn! Festival at the Prospect Park

August 4 | Toronto, ON at Massey Hall (SOLD OUT)

August 5 | Toronto, ON at Massey Hall (SOLD OUT)

August 6 | Detroit, MI at The Masonic

August 8 | Kansas City, MO at The Midland

August 11 – 13 | San Francisco, CA at Outside Lands

August 13 | Las Vegas, NV at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan

August 14 | Tucson, AZ at Rialto Theatre

August 16 | Austin, TX at ACL Live at The Moody Theater

August 17 | Austin, TX at ACL Live at The Moody Theater (SOLD OUT)

August 18 | Dallas, TX at The Bomb Factory

September 13 | Vancouver, BC at Malkin Bowl (SOLD OUT)

September 14 | Seattle, WA at Paramount Theatre (SOLD OUT)

September 15 | Seattle, WA at Paramount Theatre

September 16 | Troutdale, OR at Edgefield Concerts

September 18 | Reno, NV at Grand Theatre at Grand Sierra Resort and Casino

September 20 | Santa Barbara, CA at The Arlington Theatre

September 21 | San Diego, CA at Observatory North Park (SOLD OUT)

September 23 | Los Angeles, CA at Hollywood Bowl w/ Beach House

September 24 | Phoenix, AZ at Comerica Theatre

September 25 | Santa Fe, NM at Santa Fe Opera

September 27 | Morrison, CO at Red Rocks Amphitheatre w/ Beach House (SOLD OUT)

September 29 | Omaha, NE at Waiting Room Outdoors

September 30 | St. Paul, MN at The Palace Theatre (SOLD OUT)

October 1 | St. Paul, MN at Palace Theatre

October 3 | Chicago, IL at Chicago Theatre (SOLD OUT)

October 4 | Chicago IL at Chicago Theatre

November 1-5 | Reykjavik, Iceland at Iceland Airwaves

November 7 | Switzerland, Zurich at X-tra

November 8 | Austria, Vienna at Gasometer

November 9 | Croatia, Zagreb at Tvornica Kulture

November 12 | Germany, Hamburg at Docks

November 13 | Germany, Berlin at Columbiahalle

November 17 | Belgium, Brussels at Ancienne Belgique

November 18 | Belgium, Brussels at Ancienne Belgique

November 20 | France, Paris at Le Trianon

December 1 | Germany, Köln at Live Music Hall

December 03 | Sweden, Stockholm at Annexet (SOLD OUT)

December 04 | Sweden, Stockholm at Annexet

December 05 | Norway, Oslo at Sentrum Scene (SOLD OUT)

December 06 | Norway, Oslo at Sentrum Scene

I will pull out individual songs to play on the radio but really it is best listened to completely from start to finish.  This album will surely show up on a best of list at the end of this year.   I can’t wait for the many days ahead on my deck listening to it.  Their music warms you like the sun and keeps you content like the gentle breezes.  –Reviewed by Mike @ Spool Going Round

This video is directed by Sean Pecknold.

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Spool Going Round Radio Playlist

Photo Credit: Bob Rowan & Nora Petrich

The radio station had me dress up as a British Bobby as part of our The Beatles tribute concert.  I am pictured above.  Confiscated A LOT of weed.

Don’t forget you can listen back to the show for 2 weeks thanks to RadioFreeAmerica.com  CLICK HERE


Thank you for supporting Spool Going Round during our Fund drive.

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Fantastic band named Desperate Journalist

“The band sounds like The Smiths fronted by The Cranberries vocalist” -Spool Going Round

  • Jo Bevan – vocals
  • Simon Drowner – bass guitar
  • Rob Hardy – guitar (the other one, not the bass)
  • Caroline Helbert  – drums

Their 2nd release is titled GROW UP and was recently released.   From it is this track called “Be Kind”

Their 1st release was self-titled from 2014. Here is a track called “Cristina” from it.

“So good” – Spool Going Round

“Check out Desperate Journalist” – Spool Going Round

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I have over 50,000 plays on Soundcloud

Don’t you think that they would send you a nice email or something for that? Not a thing.  Thanks a lot Soundcloud, for nothin’

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Joy Division’s last live performance was on this date in 1980

On May 2nd 1980 Joy Division played their last show together. You can listen to it below thanks to youtuber rokopolis.

A couple of weeks later was the report of Ian’s death by broadcast legend John Peel

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