A Sad day for Radio as The Loop dies

Sorry to hear that today was the last day for Legendary Chicago classic rock station The Loop. RIP

The world’s not changing for the better folks

I went to a lot of Loop sponsored concerts.  Loved listening to Johnny B, Steve Dahl, Buzz, Chet Chitchat. Gods of Radio playing the Gods of Rock.

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Gomez Celebrating a Top Release from 20 years ago with a Tour and Reissue

Love, Love, Love this band. Gomez return to the US to celebrate the 20th year of Bring it On.  I was working at a radio station in Maryland when a fellow DJ who had just returned from England brought this nugget home to share.


Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver BC, Thank you!

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Spool Going Round Radio Playlist 2/19/18

New (er) tracks from Squeeze, Jack White, First Aid Kit, Karen O. with Michael Kiwanuka and more.


On KPTZ 91.9fm and playback for 2 weeks here

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Fleet Foxes Live with Icelandic Choir

Fleet Foxes’ album Crack-up is one of Spool Going Round’s favorite albums of 2017. They are still touring it into 2018. A recent show in Iceland was recorded and can be watched below by clicking on the link. Tour dates without the choir are below.

consequence of sound

Fleet Foxes debut a stunning performance of “Crack-Up,” accompanied by the acclaimed Icelandic choir Graduale Nobili, an all-female group of vocalists who have toured the world alongside Björk. The performance was filmed in one extended shot at the famed Harpa Concert Hall in Iceland, just before the band headlined the Iceland Airwaves music festival. In the video, the camera moves from backstage to onstage to the open auditorium, capturing the Fleet Foxes musicians at work, illuminated against the beautiful hall.

Video provided by the wonderful music site Consequence of Sound

The 2018 Crack-up Tour
March 01 | Tampa, FL at The Ritz Ybor
March 02 | Saint Augustine, FL at St. Augustine Amphitheatre
March 03 | Orlando, FL at House of Blues Orlando
March 04 | Miami Beach, FL at The Fillmore Miami Beach
March 06 | North Charleston, SC at North Charleston Performing Arts
March 07 | Charlotte, NC at The Fillmore Charlotte
March 09 | Jackson, MS at Thalia Mara Hall
March 10 | Memphis, TN at Cannon Center for the Performing Arts
March 11 | Mobile, AL at Soul Kitchen
March 12 | New Orleans, LA at Orpheum Theater
April 10 | Eugene, OR at McDonald Theatre
April 11 | Sacramento, CA at Crest Theatre
April 14 | Indio, CA at Coachella
April 18 | San Luis Obispo, CA at Madonna Expo Center
April 20 | Berkeley, CA at Greek Theatre Berkeley
April 21 | Indio, CA at Coachella
May 03 | Raleigh, NC at Red Hat Amphitheater
May 04-06 | Atlanta, GA at Shaky Knees
May 07 | Houston, TX at Revention Music Center
May 08 | San Antonio, TX at Tobin Center for the Performing Arts
May 10 | El Paso, TX at Abraham Chavez Theatre
May 12 | Albuquerque, NM at Sunshine Theater
May 14 | Tulsa, OK at Cain’s Ballroom
May 15 | St. Louis, MO at Peabody Opera House
May 17 | Pittsburgh, PA at Benedum Center for the Performing Arts
May 18 | Washington, DC at The Anthem
May 19 | Columbus, OH at Express Live
May 21 | Nashville, TN at Ryman Auditorium
May 22 | Nashville, TN at Ryman Auditorium
May 23 | Louisville, KY at Iroquois Amphitheater
May 24 | Indianapolis, IN at The Murat Theatre
May 25-27 | Allston, MA at Boston Calling
May 26 | South Burlington, VT at The Green Shelburne Museum

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Spool Going Round Radio Playlist for Best of 2017 show

Thank you so much for tuning in on 91.9 FM and kptz.org. Here is the playlist of my Best of 2017 show. These are tracks from my favorite albums of 2017.

You can listen back to the show by clicking HERE for the next couple weeks.

Honorable mentions that didn’t make it on the show due to time constraints; The Afghan Whigs, Lo Moon, and Ayron Jones.

Happy New Year from Mike @ Spool Going Round


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Spool Going Round’s Best of 2017 show is coming on 1/1/18

Set your alarm for Monday morning. 1/1/18 from 8 to 10 am pacific time on KPTZ 91.9fm and click Listen Live in the upper left hand corner at kptz.org


Did you pay attention to the best music releases of 2017? We did! Spool Going Round

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The Best Christmas Song I heard in 2017 was recorded 7 years ago and is about how great Christmas was in the 80’s

Happy Christmas from Spool Going Round!

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Best Albums of 2017 From the Fires by Greta Van Fleet

Monday, 1/1/2018 Spool Going Round Radio will run down our favorite albums of the year on 91.9fm KPTZ and on www.kptz.org

Greta Van Fleet have great taste in Vinyl

Here’s what Spool Going Round wrote when first hearing this exciting new band:

I had to post something on this band I ran across yesterday. What is appearing to be a weird trend, is that I find a new band that sparks my interest and then I start learning about their history and music and check live dates. The weird trend is that on more than one occasion after checking the tour dates for my new discovery, I find out that they played my town LAST NIGHT! What?

So is the case with Greta Van Fleet. I missed them playing the Tractor Tavern in Seattle the very last evening. This discourages me but then after seeing the show was sold out and there were many people enjoying this band makes me have some solace.

I’ve written a few paragraphs and haven’t mentioned Led Zeppelin yet, so let’s get that out of the way.  When you hear this band the comparisons will rise to the top rather quickly.  Now this sounds like a rather common goal for new bands jamming together.  I am sure most start out this way but then realize it’s a slippery slope, which rarely can be obtained or sound too carbon-copied. With Robert Plant turning down $800 million offers to tour with Led Zeppelin, you can easily see the appeal here. Greta Van Fleet have created new original songs with the reference to the golden gods but it doesn’t go over like a lead balloon.

The band has 3 brothers and that seems to be a good equation for bands.  We know the 2 brothers is more of a short term fight (see Oasis, Kinks, etc.) but the 3 brother seems to add a new level of mediation much needed for longevity. The first song that pulled me in is “Highway Tune” and putted me right into a state of elation.  Then I had to find everything out there by this band and that is why I am urging you to do the same.  It is a great reward for your time spent.   The voice from that young man on vocals will set you easily in stun-mode.  Then you catch the riffs and even a drum solo

I personally want to thank Greta Van Fleet for being a new, young, ROCK BAND.  Rock is not dead.  Rock will never die.  As a father I know it is part of my responsibility to teach my children about rock, just as it is yours.  They may act cool and disinterested but the seed is planted. After some internet searching this band seems to hail from near Detroit, Michigan and the band name comes from a deviation on a local woman’s name.  I urge you to listen and enjoy.  Check out there tour dates before it is too late and you realize they played in your town last night and you missed them. Why does this keep happening? I am looking forward to my next time on the radio so I can rock out to “Highway Tune” and share the love with my listeners.

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Best Albums of 2017 Sleep Well Beast by The National

Monday, 1/1/2018 Spool Going Round Radio will run down our favorite albums of the year on 91.9fm KPTZ and on www.kptz.org

It’s time to run down some of the best albums of 2017 according to Spool Going Round. The National released a beast this year. Here’s what we said when the album was released.

I like to start the morning off with a brisk walk.  I head to the beach and then walk through town. As I came into the final stretch, round the local movie theatre, I noticed a poster for a movie playing titled Band Aid.  Being the music lover I am, it intrigued me.  So when I returned home from my walk,  I looked it up.  The premise is that a couple is uncoupling and as part of marriage therapy they go back to their first love, music.  The couple starts writing songs together and out of that is a way to voice their problems and work together to solve them.   They get the band back together and maybe the marriage too? What a great premise for a movie!

After putting the movie on my list of “to see” films, I started listening to the new album by The National called “Sleep Well Beast” coming out 9/8/17 via 4AD records.  I couldn’t help but notice in many of the songs they seem to be dealing with relationship issues.  After further investigation, I see that the principle songwriters on the album are Matt Berninger, the vocalist, and his wife, Carin Besser.  Am I listening to the recorded musical version of the movie poster I just saw? Is this the old adage “which came first the album or the movie?” People ask that, right? I’m pretty sure it was asked when Steely Dan came out with the song “Cousin Dupree” and then Owen Wilson wrote a film called “You, Me, and Dupree.”

Much of the sound on Sleep Well Beast is familiar and reminds me of  The Boxer which was the first National album that I loved.  They have added some electronic touches and samples like in the track “Walk it back” but I would not call this some outrageous leap, it still sounds like The National.   You are going to hear just as much piano as beep-bop-boops. Oh and “Turtleneck” is an outright rocker!

Back to the relationship problems, is it the band or marriage, or both? In the track “Day I Die” there are lines of “…I barely ever see you anymore..when I do it feels like you’re only halfway there…” After some more accusations are thrown back and forth we get to the song titled “Guilty Party” I assumed we would come to some conclusions but only to hear Matt sing “..It’s nobody’s fault..” Isn’t it true though? And we are all to blame.  Pick up Sleep Well Beast and I am sure you will find something in there that you are guilty of doing and also something that will have you glaring recriminations at your partner. Is “Sleep Well Beast” what Matt and Carin say to each other before going to bed? No.  That’s mean.  Or, it could be cute?  They’ll figure it out.  We will enjoy the great writing from the pair.

It is a valuable listening experience and will definitely rest in the Top 5 of 2017.

One of the best tracks on Sleep Well Beast is “The System only dreams in Total Darkness.”


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Best Albums of 2017 Crack-Up by Fleet Foxes

Monday, 1/1/2018 Spool Going Round Radio will run down our favorite albums of the year on 91.9fm KPTZ and on www.kptz.org

It’s time to run down some of the best albums of 2017 according to Spool Going Round. Fleet Foxes returned to form and delivered another incredible release this year. Here’s what we said when the album was released.


The new Fleet Foxes album comes just in time for sitting out on the deck and looking at nature as their sweet harmonies fill the air.   After listening to the whole new album Crack-Up, due June 16th via Nonesuch records,  I can tell you it is well worth the wait. 

I have always loved songs that start out as one thing and completely morph into another. Fleet Foxes are taking this concept to a new higher level by doing their version of suites. “I am all that I need/Arroyo Seco/Thumbprint scar” is a perfect example and starts the album off.  I wonder why more artists are not doing this, especially with this MP3 format and being such a singles driven listening experience these days, it makes sense that if you want the listener to experience three songs together: you would put them together as a suite.

I can’t help but feel that Fleet Foxes should spend their entire time recording because they are so fantastic at album making.  Album making is becoming a lost art form and we must not let it die.  It is important to our survival.  This goes against my great love of seeing bands live (I also believe that the concert experience is what will bring the world together.)  I have only seen Fleet Foxes live on video and it seems that these delicate pieces with beautiful harmonies must have trouble competing with an audience of chatter-boxes (bros talking) on loudmouth soup (alcohol) who believe that everything they say is brilliant and need to be heard by all (bloggers).  Even with this being said the only way bands make money in 2017 is to tour. Fleet Foxes will take this album out on a pretty extensive road trip including shows in Seattle.

1. I Am All That I Need / Arroyo Seco / Thumbprint Scar
2. Cassius, –
3. – Naiads, Cassadies
4. Kept Woman
5. Third of May / Ōdaigahara
6. If You Need To, Keep Time on Me
7. Mearcstapa
8. On Another Ocean (January / June)
9. Fool’s Errand
10. I Should See Memphis
11. Crack-Up

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