Smith Westerns and I Share the Same Weekend Plans

Many magazines are comparing Chicago’s Smith Westerns to other Chicago juggernauts like Fall Out Boy and Smashing Pumpkins, not in sound but as Chicago bands that rise to world domination. In fact, they sound a little more glam-band. Traces of T-Rex can be heard along with John Lennon and it all sounds a bit familiar in a good way.

Oddly enough, the song titled “Imagine Pt. 3,” is one that doesn’t sound like Lennon.  “Still New” brings to mind Mott the Hoople.  There is plenty of “ooohs” and “aaaahs” to keep your head bouncing along.  They throw a good rocker in there with “End of The Night.”  Towards the end of the album you have “Smile” and that is exactly what will be pasted on your face. Seriously, look in the mirror.

Dye It Blonde is out on Fat Possum records (released on 1/18/11).  The record is produced by Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) while recently touring along with MGMT and Florence & The Machine. Smith Westerns are doing everything right. Smith Westerns will play to the hometown crowd at The Empty Bottle on Saturday, 2/26.

In the video below Smith Westerns spend their weekend much in the same way that I do.  There is a trip to Rolling Stones Record Store in Norridge.  Which has a great backwall of deals and incredible selection of bootleg videos. It makes me happy just to have a record store to still physically go to. Then they cross the street to The HIP (Harlem & Irving Plaza) which has many of the stores you need including an airbrush artist.  Then it’s off to the woods with a hot dog, cheese fries, and ME AXE!

Check out my their “Weekend” in the video below by Smith Westerns.

Smith Westerns ‘Weekend’ from Spunk Records on Vimeo.


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