I see that there is a trend of open letters happening.  It is like the great airing of grievances.  Well I think Sinead can do what she wants and my GOD please leave Miley alone, there is such a double standard for how female performers and male performers are allowed to behave.  Anywhooo…back to Bono.

Dear Bono,

Bono you need to hear this. You were the coolest person alive to me in the 80’s.  You were smart and you showed how intelligent you were in your music.  Now I have to look away in embarrassment as you discuss sexy boots.  Come on man!  You are Irish.  There is such a strong literal pen there.  There is so much soul in your veins.  And when I say soul, I don’t mean shaking it, I mean feeling it from your feet up through your gut.  U2 put on the best performances ever.  I know that is a hefty statement and I was there to experience it. My first U2 show was on the Unforgettable Fire tour.  BLEW ME AWAY.  Bono fell backwards into the crowd, now we all know this as a huge sign of trust. Which was the bond we were building back then between band and fans. You could always trust me to be at the record store on release day.  After sub-par albums I have lost my trust in you. Those first albums being played live that would culminate into the Under A Blood Red Sky video were AWESOME.  This concert I was at ended with “40” and the band led us into a sing along that wouldn’t just last until the song was over, but when the house lights came on, as we walked down the street, and into our cars.  “I will sing, sing a new song.” I still have never had that happen in the hundreds of shows I have seen since.

 I could go on and on about the shows how they tiled my arms with goose bumps.  Another thing that most bands can’t do.

 All the tours of Joshua Tree and then I attended the Conspiracy of Hope tour. All the talent on that stage including a Police reunion couldn’t hold a candle to Bono and the boys doing Dylan’s “Maggie’s Farm.” Bono always adding heartfelt commentary to each song (again with the goose bumps) and adding feelings that we didn’t know we possessed.  These issues were important.  People were joining Greenpeace.  We were changing the world, one U2 listener at a time.  They were the biggest band in the world.

 Then it all started to fall apart.  I know there is great pressure in being that huge.  This is why I even understood the Macphisto period.  I understand the political avenues you have taken to better the world. You have been in bed with the devil but it was for a better life. You have used your power for good in the world. BUT the music has suffered and the live performances have become dreadful.  That’s right. I am still going to shows.  I saw the Lemon tour and I was sad and sick to my stomach for two weeks after.

Don’t let the music business make a prostitute of you.

I know it is so trendy for bands to do classic albums on tour now but there is no better idea or band to make that work than U2.

Boy -mint

October -golden

War….Joshua Tree….no band has a better catalog than this.  All of these albums are complete classics from start to finish. All killer, no filler.

 As for new music, when you go in to bang out some new tracks take a listen back to those Big 4.  Look at the themes, the sound, THE PASSION.

 I care about you.  I care about the music.  Please Bono come back. The world needs you.

 With love,

Spool Going Round

About Spool Going Round

If you like my blog and have access to programming and would like to do a radio/internet show together, please contact me. spoolgoinground@yahoo.com My name is Mike. I am an on-air radio DJ. I fell in love with radio in Chicago and then took that passion to someplace where I could actually get on the air. My travels took me to Seattle, WA, Eugene and Portland, OR and Washington D.C., where I was able to have my own morning show. I've had crab cakes with Warren Zevon, sat backstage and interviewed Sting, had Melissa Etheridge sing to me from the front row and I loved every minute of it. That passion for music still burns strong in me and I love to talk music and be turned on to music. Sharing new music with people is what got me interested in radio in the first place. It is wonderful to be able to talk music with you. "Go ahead you're on the air..." Read more: http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/spool-going-round/about-spool-going-round.html#ixzz1Bfx7V0ug
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