Saving Songs From Extinction: “New Grass” by Talk Talk

The Power of Music

savingmusicSpool GoingRound is looking at songs that maybe never were played on the radio,or songs that were and then stopped being played because focus groups of stupid hicks decided they were not in their wheelhouse.

If I don’t add new life to these songs they may become extinct.   We may never hear of them again.   So press play and tell a friend to listen as well.   I have
to use my (limited) power to save these songs.   I look forward to your
help in this very important crusade.

I was recently reading Q Magazine, which I do monthly, because it’s the greatest music magazine ever written.  “Hey Q! I’m available for hire.”  Sorry for that.  I was reading about a band I love very much named Elbow.  Lead singer Guy Garvey stated that he would like “New Grass” by Talk Talk played at his funeral.  Guy said in Q, “It’s the most beautiful song ever.”  It reminded me how much I do love Talk Talk and how much I really enjoyed their album Laughing Stock.  They are so influential.  You definitely hear traces of Talk Talk in Elbow, Doves, and maybe mostly in Radiohead.  In fact, I would go out on a King of Limbs and say that Talk Talk were in fact the original Radiohead.  They have borrowed from them in many ways.

So maybe you are are looking for your funeral song, or maybe you are just looking for the most beautiful song ever.  Either way take a listen to “New Grass” by Talk Talk and your search may be over.

Help save this wonderful song from extinction. Download, buy the record, and do some research on the great band, Talk Talk.  You will see what an interesting band they were and how fun their musical transformations from album to album kept fans like Guy and myself entranced and amazed.

Beautiful new animation displaying James Marsh’s artwork throughout Talk Talk’s career set to the sound of Talk Talk’s finest moment – New Grass THANKS TO YOUTUBE MrJoey6590’s channel

About Spool Going Round

If you like my blog and have access to programming and would like to do a radio/internet show together, please contact me. My name is Mike. I am an on-air radio DJ. I fell in love with radio in Chicago and then took that passion to someplace where I could actually get on the air. My travels took me to Seattle, WA, Eugene and Portland, OR and Washington D.C., where I was able to have my own morning show. I've had crab cakes with Warren Zevon, sat backstage and interviewed Sting, had Melissa Etheridge sing to me from the front row and I loved every minute of it. That passion for music still burns strong in me and I love to talk music and be turned on to music. Sharing new music with people is what got me interested in radio in the first place. It is wonderful to be able to talk music with you. "Go ahead you're on the air..." Read more:
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