The Best Music in Movie Moments at #9

Movies would be a sight for sore eyes if not for music. It is the music that gives you goose bumps or makes your tear ducts fill with salty discharge…No, I’m not crying, I have something in my eye.  Sure acting is a nice little hobby.  We all know the “character” you play is really really similar to the “person” you are.  The star here is the musician that grabs your true emotions.  They make you experience feelings that you may not have know possible before. Most of the time this is done with soundtrack music. A musician will layer sounds and lyrics that meet swimmingly with how a character and audience will speak and feel.

In this countdown, from 10 to 1, we will only look at songs that were
already on an artists album prior to the movie. These are songs that
were not created for the movie specifically but were used righteously.
This is the point where the music-lover came out in the movie director.
They thought back to a song that they liked and knew it would fit
perfectly in their movie. I’m not a movie critic. These are films that I enjoy watching and have great songs in them.

Continuing with my favorite Moments when Music and Movie Meet. Mr. and Mrs Smith is a movie starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  I can’t tell you much about the film.  I can’t tell you much about any movies that star these two. I do however remember Brad going into this film married to Jennifer Aniston and coming out on the other end, not so much. The musical director that came up with the idea for this song to be used in this dance scene is genius. My favorite artist, Joe Strummer, having his sexy side multiplied by infinity using the seductive dance of Brad and Angelina.  This scene shows the two really coming together to be one “Brangelina.”

Today’s movie is the only movie on my top 10 list that I do not watch over and over.  In fact, I watched it once barely.  This scene was the best though.  Most of the movie is them trying to kill each other and well, I’m a lover not a fighter. But what happens in Dance Club stays in Dance Club.

“Mondo Bongo” by Joe Strummer in the Movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Music is Passion.  Jennifer Aniston is boring. Such is life.

Make your own body heat with Joe’s Mondo Bongo full version (movie soundtrack)

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