The Best Music in Movie Moments at #7

The world’s children need good teachers. Great teachers make a huge difference in people’s lives. Teachers aren’t always in the classroom. Mike Rich had a good teacher and he wanted you to know about it.

Finding Forrester was written by a fellow radio DJ named Mike Rich. Mike Rich was a DJ on the same radio station that I was at in Portland, Oregon. I was privileged enough to attend the movie premier for Finding Forrester. We walked the red carpet and it was a big deal. When the movie opened and the credits showed on the screen there it was in large letters WRITTEN BY MIKE RICH the whole audience cheered. It was a powerful moment.  A good guy made it.  This would be the first of many great moments.

Sean Connery plays William Forrester, a complicated character who wrote that one great novel we all have in us. As a blogger I really appreciate the line, written by Mike Rich, spoken by Sean Connery, “you write your first draft with your heart.” As a reader of my blog you get a lot of first drafts. The other main character is Jamal Wallace played by Rob Brown. Rob Brown had absolutely no acting experience. He came to the movie set from a flyer looking for extras and ended up in the leading role very much holding his own against Connery in scene after scene. This is an amazing story that combines with these other amazing stories to make a story that amazes. That sentence would have sounded better if I could type like Sean Connery speaks.

Mike Rich was a great DJ and therefore has great taste in music. I was fortunate enough that all the radio stations I worked at were filled with very knowledgeable music lovers. You did not get a job there because of chain-smoking or being related to someone on staff, nope we were there because we knew music and how to put it together in a mix. This still holds true at a few stations across the country. God bless you all.

The film at #8 also had the privilege of being a Gus Van Sant movie, another music lover and he’s a musician as well. The song at #8 has been used several times since, in adverts, television shows, and many other forms of media. And it is worthy of making my Best Music in Movie Moments. There is not any other vocal music in the movie. The movie uses the usual instrumental soundtrack music to change and advance scenes in the movie. But the best is saved for last. While the movie is showing it’s last poignant scenes and heading for the final credits you hear the sweet strumming of the ukulele. Don’t hit the exits yet because we have Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole, or Bruddah Iz, with his interpretation of “Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World.


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