The Best Music in Movie Moments at #6

Movies would be a sight for sore eyes if not for music. It is the music that gives you goose bumps or makes your tear ducts fill with salty discharge…No, I’m not crying, I have something in my eye.  Sure acting is a nice little hobby.  We all know the “character” you play is really really similar to the “person” you are.  The star here is the musician that grabs your true emotions.  They make you experience feelings that you may not have know possible before. Most of the time this is done with soundtrack music. A musician will layer sounds and lyrics that meet swimmingly with how a character and audience will speak and feel.

In this countdown, from 10 to 1, we will only look at songs that were
already on an artists album prior to the movie. These are songs that
were not created for the movie specifically but were used righteously.
This is the point where the music-lover came out in the movie director.
They thought back to a song that they liked and knew it would fit
perfectly in their movie. I’m not a movie critic. These are films that I enjoy watching and have great songs in them.


Love Actually has many great story lines which all intertwine.  It may actually have one or two too many, but again I am not a movie critic. I only know what I like.  It is a British film so it has all these great cast of characters. There are a couple of connections to us here in the U.S.  Like the character who is not getting enough sex in England so he figures his chances would be much better taking his adorable Prince William accent to Wisconsin. They found a way to make their Prime Minister well liked in the form of Hugh Grant.  They perfectly made us despise our own President by putting the despicable Billy Bob Thornton in the role. YUCK!

We are at the time of year for Christmas movies. Love Actually is a great Christmas movie with wonderful Christmas music.  What would Christmas be without music? We have channels dedicated to Holiday music. They use many great Christmas covers in the movie and featured on the Love Actually soundtrack. The song at #6 however is not a Christmas song. It’s a song that poses a question that hopefully you have asked yourself one time or another. The “you” in the line “God only knows what I’d be without you.” well is up to you.  But hopefully some person, God, spirit, or thing, has been there for you and you don’t know what you’d be without her, Him, them,it.

Paul McCartney once called this ‘the greatest song ever written. At #6 The Beach Boys with “God only knows” featured in the movie Love Actually.


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