New Music Tuesday – Iska Dhaaf

New music from Brick Lane Records. Iska Dhaaf, an emerging band out of Seattle that’s gearing up to have a big 2014. Iska Dhaaf is guitarist/vocalist Nathan Quiroga and drummer/keyboardist Benjamin Verdoes, two tireless workers who’ve spent the last three years writing songs for their debut album, Even the Sun Will Burn, which will be released on March 11 . As a preview to the album and Iska Dhaaf’s ensuing spring tour dates, check out this stunning black-and-white music video for Happiness, directed by Seattle’s  Stephan Gray.

ISKA DHAAF – “Happiness” from Stephan Gray on Vimeo.

Iska Dhaaf is the musical synthesis of Quiroga and Verdoes’ thoughts on intimacy, disaster, and clashing emotions. The songs are inspired by Sufi poetry, social mores, international conflict, and searing self-reflection – “Iska Dhaaf” roughly translates to “let it go” in Somali, a language Verdoes speaks fluently. The result is a heated, psychedelic, and entirely fresh brand of rock music.


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