New Galaxie for Dean Wareham

Dean Wareham is about to release new music and revisit his old music here in Chicago at the Old Town School of Folk 4544 N Lincoln Ave · Gary and Laura Maurer Concert Hall 773.728.6000

Fri. April 11, 7:00 PM · Maurer Hall
Dean Wareham   TICKETS

Fri. April 11, 10:00 PM · Maurer Hall
Dean & Britta play Galaxie 500   TICKETS

photo by Luz Gallardo

Dean Wareham released the first single off his upcoming self-titled debut album. The album was produced by Jim James (My Morning Jacket) and is due out March 11. Entitled “Holding Pattern” the single is now available via iTunes and Dean Wareham is now available for pre-order.

Dean Wareham is Wareham’s first solo album. In the fall of 2013 he released the Emancipated Hearts EP to wide-spread critical acclaim.  

Dean Wareham is counted as one of the originators of American indie rock, his band Galaxie 500 emerging from Boston in 1987 and making three celebrated albums. He went on to record seven studio albums with his next band Luna, and three as part of Dean & Britta (with wife Britta Phillips).

Dean: ” I bought My Morning Jacket’s first album, The Tennessee Fire, back in 1999, and mentioned it in a top ten list. I got an email from Jim James a few months later, just saying hi and thanks. In the Spring of 2012 I had dinner with Jim’s manager (and a friend of mine) Mike Martinovich, and wound up having drinks back at his Manhattan office late that night, where he played me a few mixes from Jim’s just completed solo album – which I loved. I commented how great the production was. And Mike suggested we should think about collaborating on something.

 That summer My Morning Jacket curated the Forecastle Festival in Louisville. Jim invited me to perform a set of Galaxie 500 songs, and after the festival was over to stay at his house to record a few songs. I moved in with my band (Britta Phillips on bass, Anthony LaMarca on drums). Jim has a pretty great set up there, a nice old Trident desk and a good collection of vintage microphones and keyboards. We set up drums in the living room, guitar amps in the garage, and I sang in Jim’s den. We recorded three songs, including “the Dancer Disappears” and decided right then to come back and do a whole album.”


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