Top 10 list of live performances on The David Letterman Show #3

First I must say like so many men we don’t go to the doctor as much as we should. We typically end up at the doctor only when things are bad. Many times this is too late. Early detection is key for fighting off most of what can kill us. So please go to a doctor and get yourself checked out.

Our artist at #3 on the countdown of best live performances from the David Letterman show, also hated going to the doctor. He didn’t go for 20 years. When he finally went it was too late to reverse the damage done. As you can see by this lead-in this performance is also the most emotional one. It’s video of a man that looks very alive but knows the end is near. He was a man born in Chicago so you can already tell what character he had. Warren Zevon lived a great life as a singer and songwriter. He had a few good hits which allowed him to spread out creatively and record the type of music he wanted to.

I had the joy of briefly meeting Warren Zevon. He sat down to lunch with me and we talked about blues artist Bukka White. Then that night I saw him perform in a small venue.

Warren Zevon was a man of many talents which led to him filling in for Paul Shaffer as musical director when Paul was away from the Letterman show. This also led to a 20 plus year relationship with David Letterman who dedicated the whole hour of his show to the life and music of Warren Zevon. Letterman who was a huge fan of Zevon had to interview him
knowing that this would be the last time he would see his friend. Lung cancer had spread and there was no turning back for Warren. His ride was here. During the interview Dave shows great restraint even though he is uncomfortable with the humor that Warren provides. Dave asks a dying man, “Is there anything about life and death that you know that I don’t know?” Warren’s witty response, “Enjoy every sandwich.” It sounds silly but like so much of Warren’s writing what sounds silly really has so much deep meaning to it. I can honestly say since I watched this interview, 11 years ago, I have taken time to enjoy every sandwich and I really love sandwiches. That is also why I go to the doctor regularly.

At #3 I give you Warren Zevon and his last performance of “Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner.”.


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