It’s Time To Get The Wax Trax! Gang Back Together

Yes, it’s time to get the Wax Trax! gang back together. Both gangs. The one that I used to go with to shop for records and the one that was working behind the counter selling me the records.  Wax Trax! was the most exciting place in Chicago for many years for many of us outsiders.

I remember so many days and nights of my youth at Wax Trax! Records.  They always had the coolest releases.  Up towards the front of the store you could find all the latest imports and remixes.  Behind the counter you had real rock stars.  Remember what I said in earlier posts about real rock stars not wearing jeans and t-shirt.  These guys looked and lived the part. Groovy Man from My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, or Chris Connely from Ministry and Revolting Cocks, would be there working during the day.  I would pick my 12″ remix records of 1,000 Homo DJsAcid Horse and PTP and then plan out what I was going to say to Chris when I got up to the counter.  It would have to be something really cool.  Something that would let him know that I am totally into his band and they are the greatest in the world but without seeming nerdy or a stalker.  I would spend a good 20 minutes planning out the story of seeing them at Medusa’s or when I saw them open up for Einsturzende Neubauten.  Then I would coolly walk up to the register, Chris would pick up the album I was buying and say “This is a good record” and here is my response, “Yep.”  Hand him the money and dart out the door onto Lincoln Ave. with another awesome story to share with my friends on how I talked with the singer of my favorite Wax Trax! band.

In 2014 we do not have Wax Trax, but we do have some of the same artists still putting out music and touring.

Tickets go on sale Friday, 3/7 for My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult at Bottom Lounge in Chicago.  The show will be on Saturday, 6/21/14.  New album forthcoming titled SPOOKY TRICKS.

Chris Connelly takes the Revolting Cocks sound into the new year with COCKSURE.

KKEP cover art
Spool Going Round’s T-shirt collection still wearable in 2014.


About Spool Going Round

If you like my blog and have access to programming and would like to do a radio/internet show together, please contact me. My name is Mike. I am an on-air radio DJ. I fell in love with radio in Chicago and then took that passion to someplace where I could actually get on the air. My travels took me to Seattle, WA, Eugene and Portland, OR and Washington D.C., where I was able to have my own morning show. I've had crab cakes with Warren Zevon, sat backstage and interviewed Sting, had Melissa Etheridge sing to me from the front row and I loved every minute of it. That passion for music still burns strong in me and I love to talk music and be turned on to music. Sharing new music with people is what got me interested in radio in the first place. It is wonderful to be able to talk music with you. "Go ahead you're on the air..." Read more:
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