B a noBody by SOAK

I think it is wonderful that young people are turning to music still to express topics such as their life, love, and loneliness. As an old codger I sometimes worry about the younger generations and their access to good music. Lack of record stores and no Music TV make it harder to experience good quality music. Maybe you stumble across a good music blog occasionally?

I sat here and watched how this unfolded with LORDE. In the blog universe it could have went another way. But the critical mass decided to actually listen to her songs. Maybe their exposure to her music even came in the reverse where the old men logged into their blog to comment on the reissues of the day and heard LORDE’s music coming from their pre-teen’s bedroom. Music that wasn’t corporate or over-sexual but instead gave a voice to young women and their feelings.

SOAK is another one to hear. SOAK’s facebook bio states “Short Irish kid who appreciates Dragons & Dinosaurs. Has wonky bottom teeth & writes song. Kind of funny sometimes.” How can you ask for more than that?

Here is a beautiful song with an inspiring video. Because it is always better to B a noBody, with somebody else.

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