Sleaford Mods Demand a Better World, Do You?

The people have the power.

I was reading a couple weeks ago when Roger Daltrey commented on how messed up the world is right now and all we have is One Direction. It was a great comment because where are the punk bands? Where is the rock & roll breaking down the walls of injustice? In all honesty, I am not a rap fan, but rap music might be the one voice that speaks about the problems going on in the streets of the world.

Do we all have so much extra spending cash that it is not worth mentioning? Everyone is living in their big house and if they are able to make the payments, most of that payment isn’t going to interest, or to feed a bloated fat-cat? Is this system making the rich richer and the poor poorer? Are we happy with the 5 families owning everything.  Stop being sheep-ple and start being people with something to say. Flex your power.  Incite a riot.

Our politicians have a clear goal that speaks for all people on issues from minimum wage, equal rights, immigration, etc.? Maybe there is something in this blog post that could inspire you to write a song?

I recently ran across Sleaford Mods.

You don’t have to play instruments.  Use your voice.  Learn more about Sleaford Mods.  Listen to songs like “Jobseeker” or “The Wage Don’t Fit”  On November 29th Sleaford Mods will come to America to play one show in New York.




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