My reflections on over 1,000 concerts attended: My First Concert Ended in an Arrest and Riot

If I were to question my parents and my upbringing. The questions might start with a playful trip we took up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1972. Sure there was no Wiggles or Raffi back then. We had Bozo and Ray Rayner but they didn’t tour.

Cornett family, Kentucky, 1972. Family in car, baby looking back ...

A child much cuter than I. Cornett family 1972 from

Usually in conversation, when asked about my first concert this is not the one I mention.  I usually turn to the first one I was able to attend as my passion for music started to boil over in my teen years.  Truly though this was my first concert and it was 1972 and my parents loaded up the station wagon.  We were off to the magical land of Wisconsin.  It was Summerfest and it was 1972.  The headliner this night would be the extremely inappropriate stylings of Comedian George Carlin.

Please know that these recordings are NSFW (Not Safe for Work). They may not even be safe for home-NSFH.  In fact you may click play below and a SWAT team may storm through your front door and may handcuff you and drag you into the back of their police car.   Be sure to duck your head when entering the back of the police car. 

This was truly my first concert.  George Carlin had dropped what are deemed inappropriate words throughout the set that night.  But for a big finish he decided to unveil his new “Seven Dirty Words” skit which caused the police to come out and arrest him on stage and the crowd exploding into a riot. To my parents benefit my dad was a strong man and we made it out of the stadium without being killed.

I am still addicted to live events 40 years later.

Hey the 70’s were a heavy time. George was really a lovely man. You can listen to these sets and even with the language which can offend, the underlying message is of love and peace and questioning what was wrong then and still now.  He was trying to help people from becoming sheep-le.  A new website with his work has been set up at

Maybe they were helping me by exposing me to these words and showing me that by saying them I would be arrested like that man on stage. This saved me a lot of ass beatings. Some how even in my tween years I still managed to get myself a good mouth-washing with a bar of soap.  I guess somethings you just have to learn yourself. As much as this is questionable parenting, I must take it all in the mix that has made me the man I am today. Sometimes people even say I am funny.  “Thanks Mom & Dad”


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