Nice Psychedelic Church Package

I wish we would see more of these type of package tours.  Let’s be honest concert ticket prices have not been going down.  Artists are upset by the resalers getting all the money and rightly so.  Opening bands used to be a nice way to get familiar with a new band that was working their way up the circuit but really with the internet those are easier to find and many bands start headlining their own shows if they have enough online followers.

English Alt-rockers The Psychedelic Furs

Photo by Mike Thut from facebook

 Australian Psychedelic pop-rockers The Church

The Church photographed in September 2014.

A great package tour coming this year is combining a couple of great classic alternative acts that wear “sick” eyeglass frames.

The “sick” eyeglass frame club.  Church frontman Steve Kilbey, Mike at Spool Going Round, Richard Butler frontman for The Psychedelic Furs (from left to right)

The Psychedelic Furs and The Church will definitely give you your moneys worth.  With these classic alternative rockers there usually is two routes they go down.

The first option, you are content with the catalog of music that you put out and people hold dear to their hearts, you have more than enough hits and hidden gems to fill out a concert and there is no need for new releases, The Psychedelic Furs.  I love how someone who might not strike you right of the bat as a cool music listener will pull out fond memories of John Hughes films of past and shake it on the dancefloor when the needle drops on “Pretty in Pink.”  Anything like that which turns someone into a music fan is awesome.  You can be standing in an elevator and that song comes on, you see the heads begin to bop as they whisper to their friend ” I love this song.”

The second option, The Church,  has a nice catalog of hits and they still continue making new music.  Fans are happy for the most part but really aren’t you always comparing the new releases to the old ones that were so important to shaping you as a music lover from the get-go?  These new songs keep it interesting for the band and give them a reason to continue touring so it may make for a better show right?  The band is not lethargic pulling out the old hits for 1,785,955th time. The new Church album will be out June 8th called Further/Deeper.  It includes this track “Laurel Canyon”

Either way it is a good thing and this will be a great tour.   Purchasing tickets right after I post this.

Here are the dates:

Aug. 8: Buffalo, NY
Aug. 9: Silver Springs, MD
Aug. 11: New Haven, CT
Aug. 12: Albany, NY
Aug. 13: Hamton Beach, NH

Aug. 15: Philadelphia, PA
Aug. 16: Hyannis, MA
Aug. 18: New York, NY
Aug. 19: Westbury, NY

Aug. 22: Royal Oak, MI
Aug. 23: Louisville, KY
Aug. 25: Minneapolis, MN

Aug. 27: Kansas City, MO
Aug. 28: Urbana, IL

Aug. 31: Denver, CO
Sept. 2:  Portland, OR
Sept. 3:  Seattle, WA
Sept. 6: Saratoga, CA
Sept. 8: Las Vegas, NV
Sept. 9: San Diego, CA

The Psychedelic Furs on John Peel Sessions from 1981.  So much to enjoy.

Thanks to YouTuber VibraCobra23 for the youtube video
1. Into You Like A Train (0:07)
2. On And Again (It Goes On) (4:41)
3. All Of This And Nothing (8:11)


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