It’s Time for a US Rock Against Racism Concert

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Recently listening to The Specials and having the news pop up constantly with these horrible acts of violence, most against an opposite skin color, you have to step back and realize this is not right.

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I am white.  I am not a racist.  If you are watching white cops kill black people on video, you have to be saying “WTF!” We have a serious problem here.  Just because you are black and I am white, doesn’t make that alright.

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The byline on this blog is bringing the world together through music.  We can do it!  The Rock against Racism concerts that featured bands like The Clash and The Specials were wonderful gatherings showing that whites and blacks were not that different and had to look out for each other.  Racism is no way man.  The Specials had blacks and whites in the same band and that was beautiful.  They would get bottled though and had to stand their ground against the dim-witted.  40 years later proves we learn almost nothing from history.  We can’t change history.  But the good news is we all have a future.  We can make that what we want.


Remember that movie with the coach and his team was down and there wasn’t much time left but he motivated them to come back and win? Well that is nothing.  The greatest movie speech of all time came from Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator.

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Let’s continue to bring people together through music.

Mike @ Spool Going Round



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