Peter Hook & The Light at Seattle’s Showbox 11/3/16

What a wonderful night of music. Imagine if you will, about 15 New Order songs from the opening band and then the same band returns to close the night out with about 15 Joy Division songs. I had my doubts going in but I was quickly put straight and saw the light.

Thanks to youtuber Erik Bartlett for putting this video recap together.

For all of us who love Joy Division’s recorded material but the chance of seeing them live ended with the self-inflicted life-taking of their singer Ian Curtis on the eve of what was going to be their first US tour. So when Hooky says to the Seattle crowd, this song is dedicated to Kurt Cobain, he knows a thing or two about the singer of your band committing suicide and how that leaves the people around him and fans to carry on.

Image result for ian curtis rip

Peter Hook took the vocals and since he can’t sing and play bass, he has passed that duty on to his son Jack. Any question if they are related is taken away when they both turn their heads sideways. The nose knows.

The light also includes additional vocals and guitar on the New Order tunes which allows Peter Hook to try and not do too much vocally.  The Joy Division songs are spot on though.  You don’t have to kick the rocks and say “I’ll never hear that song live” thanks to Hooky, you can. AND SHOULD.

Look at this setlist

I have already read Peter Hook’s first book recapping the Joy Divison years.  You can search the Spool Going Round archives to see how much I enjoyed that one.  I am now 100 pages into his new 700 page book on the New Order years.  Hooky is a great storyteller and puts you there in the tour van with the rest of the group.  I highly recommend both reads.  Please catch them live if they are coming to your town.

Peter Hook thank you so much for playing this music live with your wonderful band.  It was such a cool crowd and I could tell you were helping everyone of them to a new spiritual awakening.


Mike @ Spool Going Round

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