I am a Radio D.J. whose passion for music continues in this blog.  I love radio because I can turn people on to new music. I will try to continue this exploration here with you.  I also really enjoy hearing what you are listening to.  What are your favorite bands, albums, concerts? Long time listener, first time caller – Go ahead you’re on the air…My body is in Chicago Seattle and my mind is often in the U.K.

“If you’ve lost your faith in love or music oh the end won’t be long…” -The Libertines

Me and my buddy STING>

Spool Going Round Mixtape#10: Sting & his offspring

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  1. ben mc ginley says:

    hi mike great reading your article on the conspiracy of hope tour great concert i was there although i am from ireland it was the police i wanted to see everyone forgets the thompson twins were one of the first acts on i was 21 at the time great memories ps my son brendans band the valideers (wake you up) on youtube give it a view kind regards ben

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